RandomProductReviews.com is an eclectic mix of completely random product reviews. Well, they do have one thing in common. We have bought them using our own money. Not to review but solely for personal use.

Like most people we buy way to much stuff (too often on Amazon – thanks for the shopaholicism Prime Membership). And like a lot of people we also like to share our opinion on stuff.

So why not just review on Amazon, Walmart or Etsy? In all honesty – to feel special. In all humbleness, we feel our opinion is too important to drown in a sea of other random reviews. So we built our own platform of random reviews for you to read.

We hope that you too value our opinion and that we can be helpful in guiding your purchase decisions (and maybe to buy less stuff). We encourage comments and your own views on and ratings of the products that we feature. As well as any other feedback you may be.

Happy Shopping!